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[Jun. 5th, 2009|11:05 am]
Radiology Students: Shades of Gray


Hi, I am considering entering rad tech school and I guess I am just looking for advice.

I am at community college, and close to having my AA in art. My plan was to switch to an university to get my BFA. However, I am really, really tired of struggling financially. I do have a background in medical administrative support.

My college has a rad tech program. It is a 2-year program and although the idea of taking 2 more years away from getting my BFA, and still being poor then, really pains me, I am thinking of entering the program. Afterward I might go on to CT, sonography or MRI, but I'm trying not to think too far ahead.

I do realistically think that I could get my schooling entirely paid for via financial aid or scholarships. My main concern is spending all that time to get the degree, and then not being able to find a well-paying job afterward to justify it. I want a job that I can travel with, a job that I can use in any state or developed nation.

I am in Texas, but I'd like to hear from techs everywhere how much you like your job and why, also what you don't like about your job, what kind of pay scale a new tech can expect, how hard it is on your body (I have FMS), and if part-time positions are typically available (I would prefer to work part-time so I can finish my art degree). I appreciate any input you can give me.

[User Picture]From: tvar_v_kruge
2009-06-05 03:54 pm (UTC)
Check the job market first. I've heard that in Texas it's not that bad; in GA the job market is dry. Totally.
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From: (Anonymous)
2014-07-27 08:59 pm (UTC)

dont do it

I was a student at Hendrick School of radiography in Abilene,TX for a year, and it was an horrible experience. This is the letter i wrote then when I left.

I I found your school of radiography program at Hendrick to be very disappointing experience in both the classroom curriculum as well as the clinical rounds at Brownwood Regional.
Your curriculum in the classroom seemed to be more of a work in progress administered in a slapdash manner. There were multiple misspellings, inaccurate test questions and answers on both the study material as well as the actual exams. There were a small group of students that could manipulate your instructors into higher grades on tests; if you had certain attributes it would be easy to score additional points. The syllabi were often incorrect with dates and lessons.
My clinical experience at Brownwood Regional was even more boarish; a chaotic mess of mismanagement. As a result of short staffing the students are being treated more as employees rather than students. Often, the techs were never around when a procedure needed their attention, especially when I was involved in it. I was instructed to hold patients on numerous occasions, while being in direct x-ray exposure. I was a target of intimidation, harassment, and verbal abuse. I don't mind constructive criticism, but torment and ridicule on a daily basis is going too far; I'm not paying to be the whipping boy of the x-ray department. At the head of an odious mob of techs was the clinical instructor who's vulgar demeanor was only surpassed by his apathy for students. I was verbally abused by him in such a foul manner that I was forced to leave. The toxicity within the department obliterates the quality of the educational enrichment there.
I had higher expectations of the healthcare industry. The Christian values that were extolled of the Hendrick program in the classroom were not evidenced by its actions.
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[User Picture]From: 00goddess
2014-07-27 11:34 pm (UTC)

Re: dont do it

Thanks! I ended up not doing a rad program after researching and realizing that I probably wouldn't make much money at all.
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